Friday, March 5, 2010


Here's a shout-out to my friend Erin over at Yummy Supper. She is a friend from high school and a fabulous food blogger and photographer. We've been dorking out together on tag clouds, diffused light, and dreamy f/1.4 lenses.

Erin came over the other day for lunch and gave me a bouquet of herbs and collards from her garden and a Mason jar full of her homemade granola. I had just made some of her caramel sauce. That afternoon, Dash and I put together a tasty snack: layers of yogurt, granola, and caramel. Loads of caramel. 

"Thank you for this snack. Thank you, mama. Thank you for this snack. Thank you." Damn. This kid is polite if you feed him yogurt parfaits. 
See you in a few days with posts about Romanesco/white bean pesto (sorry, I can't stop making pesto), vanilla bean bread pudding, and Dash's mad knife skills. 

Meanwhile, head on over to Yummy Supper.


  1. Phyllis, I am tickled by your post and thank you for the shout out.
    We haven't tried the caramel sauce on the granola - sounds decadent and so tasty!

  2. ooo... f/1.4? :-)

    I've been looking for a granola recipe to try in our solar oven, and we can find most of the ingredients for hers in Mexico. The hardest, ironically, is the coconut oil. Coconuts everywhere, but I can only find imported oil at gold prices.

  3. I'm a dork myself and proud of it!!! :D your photos...such a beautiful family...