Monday, August 9, 2010


This Saturday, August 14th, is my first blogiversary. Yes, it's a word. So for the entire week I'm going to dedicate posts to the people who have helped this blog grow.

This first post goes out to Dash. He keeps me running, sweating, chopping, screaming, breathing, and most of all COOKING. A few weeks ago he was having an epic meltdown as I was trying to leave the house. I couldn't console him. He turned to me and said, "Mama, I just want to cook with you. I want you to stay home so we can cook together." I nodded okay. He smiled. I cried.

Here's Dash pretending that it's summer. We've been fogged in for almost two months now in Berkeley. "Mama, I love summer." Dude, a bowl of apricots does not equal summer.
Dash and I made herb salt together a few weeks ago. No recipe needed. Just shove some fresh herbs down into some salt and close the jar. You can chop the herbs up a bit if you want but it's not necessary. The oils in the fresh herbs make a potent herb salt within a few days. We had great success with fresh sage, rosemary, and thyme. Just don't use fresh basil or parsley because (unless dried) they will turn brown. Dash got so excited making herb salt that we kept doing it until we used up all the salt in the house.
First we made thyme salt.
And then rosemary salt. Look at Dash's nonchalant one-handed pour. He had to taste the salt because he tastes EVERYTHING.
Sprinkle the herb salt on chicken before baking or season potatoes before roasting. You get the idea. Check back tomorrow for a tribute to Bella.


  1. How cute!!!!
    I love that you're dedicating this to Dash, it seems like two of you have things under control in that, creative kitchen of yours. It's so inspiring to see how much your kids are involved :)

    Happy blogiversary!!! :)
    and let's hope this white-grayish sky will finally turn blue :)

  2. What an amazing year it's been! The second half of 2009 and the first half of 2010 are so much the better for Dash and Bella's existence (the blog, not the kids, but the kids are pretty great, too). It is so exciting to see this all develop - you are just so darn good at all of it! Long live Dash and Bella (both the blog and the kids)! And PS, I'm with Dash - I would make good use of a salt lick.

  3. What a cutie! I love his name! I am a new follower :) LOVE your blog

  4. Your blog is beautiful~the layout, photos (especially your current header which makes me want to make panna cotta today), and recipes. But it's cooking with your children that I love reading about the most. My son Theo and I share a bond just like you & Dash. He's been cooking with me since he was weeks old, on me in a sling. I remember his little face around 5 months,dusted with flour as he slept on me in his sling and I made us bread. Now he's 3 and the single thing that seems to soothe him most on a particularly bad day is amking a loaf of bread together (and the book Thunder Cake).
    Anyway, long story short, I find your blog as a lover of food and my children to be delightful and delicious. Thanks!

  5. Phyllis, congrats on dash and bella's first birthday!!!! I am grateful for your scrumptious food, delicious photography and always witty writing. And it may sound sappy, but I can't imagine this whole crazy world of blogs without your friendship and support.