Monday, June 27, 2011


I love coming up with new recipes. And so do my kids. Dash's latest is Supersonic Air Cream Pie. Combine eggs, chocolate, mint, basil, thyme, cream, and ice cubes and then bake at 350°F. It's edible. Really.

Last year, the editors at Real Simple asked some of their favorite food bloggers to come up with 3-ingredient recipes. Dash and I collaborated and made Bacon-Wrapped Broiled Figs with Goat Cheese. 3-year old Dash gleefully stuffed, snipped, and posed.
This year,  Real Simple is asking their readers to come up with the 3-ingredient recipes. The winning recipes will be featured on Real Simple's blog: Simply Stated. This is the final week of the competition so head on over right away!


  1. This post popped into my head last night as I walked past figs at Whole Foods. Along with a salad and beer, they made a perfect recovery meal after a tough day at work.

  2. shanti: oh, i love hearing that. we had it the other night too. we only had thick bacon and some mediocre figs. and i stuffed them with kefir cheese. but it was still so tasty.

  3. I made it with apricots last night because the figs I'd picked up at the farm stand were not useable. The apricots, with a little Aleppo pepper and salt were wonderful

  4. shanti. great idea. apricots. i'm going to try it. thanks!


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