Friday, December 23, 2011


No time to write, but here are a few things I'm cooking this week.

The first three recipes are from my blog's early early days (two years ago). Be gentle. I'm sure these posts have their share of typos and badly lit photos (I didn't yet know about backlight and bokeh). But the recipes are solid.

My husband will do anything for the gingerbread that's fourth on this list. It's that good. The first few steps involve boiling beer with molasses, throwing in some baking soda, and standing back as the mixture erupts. My kids love it. I love it.

Just yesterday, I found the fifth recipe on this list. I've never made cake with pork and then set it on fire but it just sounds like so much fucking fun.

I created the last recipe on the list for Daily Candy Kids. Cook the lamb chops rare and please eat them with your fingers! The leftover kale pesto works really well as a tomato sauce replacement on pizza.

Let me know what you're cooking. Either in the comments below, on Facebook, or on Twitter. Happy holidays!

1. Marshmallows.
2. Iceberg Wedge Salad with Buttermilk Roquefort Dressing.
3. Lamb Pie.
4. Gramercy Tavern Gingerbread. (With 3 changes. Cut the white and brown sugar amounts in half, strain the batter with a fine strainer, mix in 2 T freshly ground ginger to strained batter. Oh, and blackstrap molasses work great, so don't worry.)
5. Melissa Clark's Flaming Spiced Pork Cake.
6. Lamb Chops with Kale Pesto and Lemon Crème Fraîche.


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  2. Cochinitas pibil tortas, rum cake, buckeye candy (it's an Ohio thing) and real egg nog with bourbon and raw eggs. What I love about having a newborn is that I think a lot about the holiday traditions I want to pass on to my new family. Santa never got milk with cookies at our house, it was always a beer. And as a home brewer, it will be one of my own. I think my cardamom porter.

  3. JessicaHilt: wow. lucky santa. that's excellent. thank you for sharing what you're cooking and drinking. it made me so happy i just might have to re-post it on Facebook tomorrow. i do wish i could taste your cardamom porter. and buckeye candy? i'm going to go look that up right now. and just so you know, you've inspired me to leave out more than cookies for santa tomorrow. of course he needs a cocktail. why didn't i think of that before?

  4. Thanks for the marshmallow recipe. I've been wanting to make the kids homemade real hot chocolate and marshmallows. Just the thing after making those lamb chops. Yum! Thanks.

  5. Your posts are always inspiring. Thanks! Wishing you and your family a blessed Christmas!

  6. I'm currently visiting my in-laws, so tonight's dinner is cheese fondue, and tomorrow's is Texas-style barbecued brisket. Who am I to complain?

    I basically spend my time here being lazy, being fed, and then being lazy again. If you need me, I'll be on the couch.

    p.s. Your lamb chops look so lovely. I may have to make those for New Year's...

  7. Your lucky family! I've been assigned the greens and salad this year. So I'm making a huge raw Kale salad and hoping that will cover both assignments. I'll surely be trying the Kale pesto asap. And the gingerbread sounds like hecka fun.
    Thanks for all your inspiration.

  8. adrian: the marshmallows are super easy.

    lisa: thank you!

    cheryl: sounds like texas is a relaxing situation. enjoy! and let me know if you try the lamb chops. my kids love them. and they've gotten so crazy ass picky lately. man.

    ustabahippie: i love raw kale salad. i've been making a lemon, anchovy, garlic, mustard vinaigrette. and lots of nuts. maybe citrus and pecorino? what's in yours?

  9. That Gramercy Tavern gingerbread is my favorite!! I've been making it for years and actually did a post with the recipe on my blog...also in the early days and also before I knew much about taking pictures :)
    I'm curious about your method of making it and now you have me itching to make one!

  10. Fantastic web site. Plenty of helpful information here.

  11. Is it rude to say that I loved seeing the contrast in quality between your old photos and your current ones? It means there's hope for the rest of us, seeking to excel at food (and all) photography!

  12. eileen. thank you for saying that. i've taken pictures every day for 3 years. i'm glad they've improved in your eyes!

  13. That's absolutely delicious. Can't wait to taste it.

  14. I don't see the recipe for the cake... Would you mind emailing it or comment where it can be found. Thank you! Love your recipes!