Wednesday, April 14, 2010


My amazing friend Margi showed up at my house yesterday with a pound of coffee and 3 BEAUTIFUL goose eggs.

Bella won't eat them. Big eggs freak her out. But Dash squealed with delight when he saw them. He kept saying that he wanted them for "beckfast now" even though it was dinnertime. We decided that out of all the different eggs we've been eating, the goose eggs look the most like dragon eggs. Dash's life is dragon-centric these days with all kinds of roaring and blowing fire. Most of all he loves to show people his "dragon" (Godzilla?) holding his precious "egg" (a rock?).
We've had fun looking at the goose eggs and fondling them, but now it's time to cook them up. Dash suggested fried. I was thinking poached over frisée lardon salad. Or maybe mixed with cream and chives and then scrambled? Anyone have any experience with goose eggs or have a favorite recipe? Send ideas in quickly before Dash eats them all up.


  1. sadly we needed to relocate our geese, but we loved their eggs.
    We found that the white cooks verrrry slowly, so we need to either add a little water and cover the pan while we were frying them, or turn them over easy to cook the white. They are luscious and rich and did go well into an omelet but simple frying with bacon on the side was my favorite.

  2. such good advice about the eggs from deborah. dash was in the worst mood tonight until he learned he was having a fried goose egg for dinner. first of all the shell is really hard to crack. the yolk is enormous. and the whites are so thick and slow-cooking. with a little water, a lid, and some steam it cooked through very quickly. dash loved it. i'm having one tomorrow.

  3. They are wonderful, haven't had a duck egg in years. But if you want to scare the kids - whole foods near us has started carrying emu eggs. Huge, dark green, and bumpy. Totally a dragon egg. $19.99 each, though!

  4. wow. 19.99 each? but it's hard to resist emu eggs. i'll see if our whole foods carries them. we'll splurge on one. thanks, craig.