Sunday, April 4, 2010


No recipes this holiday weekend. I'm just reacting to some comments from Dash that led me to believe he needs a little lesson on where things come from. Not THAT kind of lesson. Just the chicken and egg kind.

"Momma, is that CHICKEN growing on our back porch?" (Nope. Daffodils.)

"Are those dragon eggs in the fridge?" (I wanted to lie and say yes. But I just couldn't.)

"If I eat a duck egg the duck will climb out." (A sort of runny version of the duck will come out. Yes.) 

So we went to the market to buy chicken, duck, and quail eggs.
Quail eggs are delicate, beautiful, and speckled and they look just like candy. Sadly, half of them were broken by the time we got home. The duck eggs, on the other hand, were hard to break even when we tried.
We shook the eggs. We smelled them. We even lined them up on a plate for Dash's stuffed monkey. And we talked a lot about what would have become of them is they had been incubated just a bit longer.
And then we fried up one of each and ate them with lots of brown butter and parsley. We were surprised to find that all three tasted quite similar. And now Dash no longer assumes the egg on his plate is from a chicken. "Mama, is this be from a chicken, or a chocolate quail, or a duck, or a DRAGON? RARRRRRR!!!"


  1. oh! you should have brought them over to get eggs out of our coop. sunny (the brown one) is now finally laying beautiful blue eggs. the other one lays brown eggs. come any time!!! xox

  2. blue eggs? wow. i would love to come over for eggs this week. do you have any dragons in the coop? thank you yalda!

  3. Hi Phyllis, You can add a fan from Ottawa Canada to your lost of international followers!

  4. how never stop amusing :)

  5. Mmm, eggs are one of my most favorite foods. They sound fab with brown butter. Glad you discovered my blog so I was able to discover yours as well!

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